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13 thoughts on “Friday – 24 Jun 2011

  1. Hi John,

    I’ve been following your site for awhile…but I must confess I’ve been running up your country count. I travel for business…so this past year you have seen me in: Eindhoven and Amsterdam Netherlands, Tunisia, Siemianowice Poland, Cheska Lipa Czech Republic, LeFerte Bernand and Creutzwals France, Telford England, DasMarinas Cavite, Boracay, Weisbaden Germany, Bangalore India, Penang and KL Malaysia, Thailand, Eygpt (can’t remember if I logged on there), Dubai, China…and perhaps a few other places that escape my memory now. I currently live in Molino Dasmarinas Cavite.

    I’m in Eindhoven Netherlands now, but looking forward to returning to the Philippines later this week. I’m a southern boy born and raised in Atlanta Georgia. I hope we get a chance to meet sometime.


    1. Hi Joe. I get called your name a lot around here. Guess it doesn’t bother you to hear “Hey Joe” all the time.
      Wow, you sure do travel a lot, but that good for me. That runs up the country count and I’m trying to collect all of them, so keep traveling.
      I always wanted a job that I could travel with, but that seems a bit much for a married man in one year. About half that would be okay though.
      I’m glad you took the time (and had the time) to leave a comment for me. I’m really trying to improve this website the best way I know how and getting readers to interact with each other is one of the ways I think will work, but just leaving comments is wonderful too.
      I have traveled to Atlanta twice in my life, once only to the airport on my way to Robbins AFB, the other time to visit a friend, who I think still lives there.
      I’ll be looking forward to meeting you someday.

  2. John. Been following yours, bobs, phils and daves blogs for a while now. lots of interesting and usefull information. Thanks.

    I have noticed your reference to “hit counts” lately. I hope I am not screwing you up. I leave all your blogs up and just hit refresh to check for updates. Will it be more benificial for you if I log into it daily?

    1. Well thank you Scott. That’s some pretty elite company you’ve got me running with there. Your welcome for the information. If you need or want anything in particular, just let me know, I’ll see what I can do.
      No, it’s fine. You do what you need to do. I guess logging out and back in would give me another hit, but if it’s not good for you, it doesn’t bother me. I’m just glad that you follow and evidently like the blog. Hope to hear more from you with other comments soon. Are you interested in the Philippines for retirement purposes?

      1. Yes, I will be retiring Fall of 2012 from the Army. (unless i can convince the Asawa to let me leave earlier lol). We will move to Barangay San Dionisio, Paranaque in Metro M. She has inherited the family home which we will tear down and build a new house. We visit almost every year for a couple of weeks and have fell in love with the people, culture and the country. I know I know its metro manila, but one of the attractions for me, every time i turn a corner its a new experience. If it gets to hot or we just get to fed up with the city we plan to run south to Tagayaty or Laguna for a week or two. Naturally we will play tourist once the house is completed, with so many islands and sub cultures there I am sure it will be years before we even thing about touristing further afield.

        1. Metro Manila, yeah that’s a crowded place. Many expats live there and love it, but it’s not for me. You’ve been there and you say you like it, so go for it. Too many typhoons hit that area and the drainage system really sucks. I hope you are building a solid weatherproof house, if couldn’t hurt and you might need it someday.
          If you want to see all the Philippines, it’ll take quite awhile. For us, we like the idea of having to leave once a year for our bilikbayan status. We could travel all around here whenever we want, but for about a week we like to visit other countries in the Pacific area, and probably Europe in 2013 for a couple of weeks. I really want to see Venice and Lita wants to see Paris. We ain’t getting any younger either.

          1. I hear ya, We are very fortunate to own property on a slight rise. During that last big Typoon that drowned Manila our house stayed dry. We plan to build a two story cinder block house. (Naturally she has a second cousin who is an architect, lol). With just enought room for me to plant my tropical rain forest to sit and read in. (being born and raised in SoCal i love rain and green things. Room for a grill so i can learn to cook using native ingredients. (like your stews? lol). Another reason i love our area is we live in the Bayan (oldtown?) of our city. With an open air market with fresh produce, fish, meat etc) and if we miss civilization Sucat SM is only like 2 miles away and Mall of Asia is a short car trip. (just typing about it makes me want to drop my papers right now)

          2. Sounds like y’all have been doing some planning already. She has a first cousin that has a PhD in Engineering (Mar) and he is the one the oversaw the construction of our house, or at least until I ran out of money. We had to come a year earlier than planned and the money ran out on me, but the house is still good, just incomplete for now. I’m not much of a native food eater, my stew consistent of only things I’m familiar with, I just can’t bring my mind to make my mouth eat strange things. The Bayan does sound nice, I like things like that too. I have to travel 4 hours to get to a mall, until they build the one here in Bagacay, then I will only have to ‘walk’ for about 2 minutes. Drop those papers, but you have to talk your wife into it first. When I retired, back in 1993, I got that early retirement package and my wife wanted to take the lump sum deal of about $43,000 and BX/PX and Commissary privileges for 2 years. After that nothing. I did just the opposite of what she said and took the regular retirement of 42% of my pay and all the privileges for life. She has told me a couple of times since then, that she’s glad I did it my way.

          3. No I can retire anytime i want, (23 plus years) She is a federal employee, the DREADED TSA. She has another 17 month or so until her 10 year mark, at which time whe will recieve a small stipend at age 60. You know how wives are about having their “own” money. Not like they cant have all of ours anytime they want lol.

          4. Yep, so I guess my wife is not the only one. I guess 17 months is not really that long in the whole scheme of things, but if sounds like a long time when you’re ready to go.

        2. So Scott where exactly are you moving to. Is it in Samar or in Metro Manila? Seems like you are pretty firm on this place, but I seem to remember something about you moving here to Samar also. Am I mistaken in thinking that? Just checking and if it is Samar, where?

  3. John, you left out a gaggle of geese and a murder of crows. That last one never made sense to me.
    Wish you had a way to send some of that rain here in a balikbayon box. We sure do need it. Lots of wild fires here in Florida. I understand that Texas and Arizona are being hit pretty hard with fires, too.
    And I did not know that trivia about Castro. Kinda makes one wonder.

    1. I think that the last time I had those things on Useless Knowledge the gaggle of geese and murder of crows were on there. I can’t remember for sure though.
      I wish I could send you a few days worth of rain. We have so much around here, we don’t need it all.
      Yeah Castro in MLB does make you stop and think, What if…?
      Oh I found this at: http://www.word-detective.com/2009/02/22/murder-of-crows-etc/
      As for why we call a group of crows a “murder,” the inspiration for the term is a mystery, lost since the 15th century. As the Oxford English Dictionary suggests, “murder” may “perhaps [allude] to the crow’s traditional association with violent death, or … to its harsh and raucous cry.” Then again, since crows have recently been demonstrated to be capable of advanced reasoning and even tool-making, maybe they actually did plot a few murders back in the 15th century.

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