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4 thoughts on “Friday – 23 Sep 2011

  1. Carrots. I’m so glad they grow there now. I used to plant them each time I went home and they’d grow up to a certain “baby” height then just slowly die! Don’t know why but it was quite frustrating.

    I’ve heard of those unbelievable air fares but haven’t had the opportunity to be around to take advantage of them. I don’t know if they do now but two-and-a-half years ago Cebu Pacific did not sell tickets online. You would have to go to a local travel office and pay cash. They’re missing out on a lot of foreigners who want to book and pay for their flights ahead of time, prior to their being in the country.

    I haven’t seen any comments from your sisters, JJ. Are they OK? I think you mentioned talking to your dad and your son sometime back. They must miss you and Lita.

    So PHL has been getting typhoons again. I was told in July that it has never rained that much or that long in SL. Apparently it started sometime in the fall of 2010 and didn’t stop until May 2011!

    Have you made it to Tac, yet? The MacArthur Red Beach Resort is still slowwwwly being rebuilt. From what I read a Singaporean consortium bought it last year with the intention of turning it into a 5-star site and started tearing it down. Halfway through the bright boys apparently realized they wouldn’t be able to have an occupancy rate that would make the expense of rebuilding worthwhile, so they’re stalled. I may be a simpleton to think that before investing in it someone should have done his homework, don’t you think? Geshhh.

    But Robinson’s hotel is going up fast and might be a welcome business in those parts. Ideal for those who just want clean accommodation when they have to do business and shopping.

    We got back in the latter part of August to find weather not so different from the PHL. Our flowers were just blooming like mad, they were actually spectacular. But yesterday the fall weather finally came two days late from the official start of the season. 🙂 I actually had to fire up the woodstove to take off the chill today. But Sunday I was still able to take two large, gorgeous red roses to the little chapel that I attend. That might be the end of it for the year. Sad.

    I’m rambling, so Adios Amigo!

    1. Yes they have carrots here, plenty of them.
      We got to take advantage of a pretty low fare on Cebu Pacific, but not one of the P1 sales yet. I’ll work that into a vacation somehow.
      No, my sisters nor my niece have left comments for quite awhile. To the best of my knowledge everyone at home is fine.
      The typhoons are, as usual, terrorizing Luzon. We just have to put up with a little wind and rain, no big deal as long as the power stays on.
      No, we haven’t been to Tacloban yet. It will be the beginning of November before we get there. That will make it 1 year since the last time I could go to the mall. We have actually been there twice since then. Both times at the airport, when we went to Hong Kong, but we didn’t have time before we went and we were too tired when we got back. Just wanted to get home.
      I don’t know about MacArthur Red Beach Resort and I never heard of a Robinson hotel, but Robinson Mall is getting ready to start building their mall here, and personally I’m having a hard time waiting.
      The weather in the part of Texas I’m from is only like the weather here when it’s raining. When it’s hot here, it’s humid. In central Texas, it just doesn’t get that humid.
      Here I don’t know anything about seasons. It’s hot or it’s raining, that’s my seasons.
      Type at ya later.

      1. The first time I went to Robinson’s mall in Palo [well, Tacloban, but it’s really in Palo’s outskirts] they had signs all over about their hotel-to-be. Now it’s taking shape just to one side of their property. Handy. Or it could just be another block of stores and offices.

        There are two seasons in the PHL: dry and rainy. Or as someone said recently: rain and more rain. That must be true in some parts of the country.

        So it goes…

        1. it’s not robinsons hotel it’s GO hotel, their hotel in tacloban will have 150 rooms, the hotel is part of RPT’s expansion which also include additional stalls.

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