May 25, 2024

2 thoughts on “Friday – 18 Feb 2011

  1. Hello again john. I notice you havent been blogging lately. You missed a couple days. Are you ok?? I look forward everyday to read your blogs but nothing new since the 18th. Well, hope your ok there. I really miss Calbayog but i know i will be there again very soon. Take care and see ya when i arrive in march. Will be renting the small car from you for the day to get the passports and paperwork finished.

    1. No I’m fine. That was only a couple of days ago, and I’m doing a post tonight. I don’t always do a regular post everyday because there is not that much to say so I just do it every other day. Sometimes I will do everyday when I have a lot of things to say.
      Do you know when you are arriving in March yet? I’m asking because we will be gone for 4 days of March, so I don’t want you to come by when we are not here.
      Okay, the small car. I will inform the owner and when you let me know the exact dates I will be sure that the car is available for you. I mean it will be, I just mean like a reservation.

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