April 23, 2024

10 thoughts on “Facebooking to Texas with the Right Recipe

    1. Of course Rick. You’re the main reason I came up with the idea of readers adding recipes to the site. I figured it would be something you would like to do. I’ve got no idea when it will be ready though. Maybe not until after we get back in July. I think it would work now, if you can figure out how to submit them, but I haven’t even looked at it very much yet. I had a lot of other things to worry about.

      1. Actually I just took a look at it and, if your access is the same as mine, it looks pretty straight forward. I just clicked on the little fork and spoon and got a page to fill out. It looked simple. I hope to see some of your recipes and anyone else that wants to submit one or two or three or however many.

    1. I plan to do all those things. I will need to get a new supply of Allpurinol though, I’m out.

    1. Thanks Tony. We’re going to need some good luck. So far most of it has been bad, but we are to Osan. Even for some reason we had to go back to the Philippines, we would still have satisfied our yearly obligation.
      I hope the good luck is with us for the next couple of days at least.

      1. Travel Update: (For Randy) and everyone else too. Believe it or not, we made it. We sure had a lot of different things that happened, good and bad, but we’re here and have already taken care of 2 of the things I wanted to do when we got here. I just may be started on a post here pretty soon for Day 1, which I’m pretty sure will have to be in 2 parts because so much happened. Man this Space A travel sure is an eye opener. Anyone that plans to travel Space A or even to the bases that we were at before getting here, really should read the posts. I will have some useful information. It won’t be as much information as I wanted to get, because being our first Space A travel I couldn’t think of everything, things got hectic at times and we got pressed for time in some places. We’re here, now I just need to keep the calories away. We probably will be having steak and baked potatoes tonight though. No steak in 2 years, so you know I want some. I better get a new supply of Allpurinol.

  1. Bon voyage, JJ and Lita! Hope everything clicks at each leg. Positive thinking. By the time you read this, you’d probably be in Osan if you have time to go online.

    I can’t resist this, JJ: it’s magandaNG gabi. The former is a contraction of ‘maganda’ and ‘nga.’ Gabi, of course, is evening or night. Now if you wanted to say that in the Samarnon regional language [“Waray”]: MAUPAY NGA GABI. Cebuano Visayan: MAAYONG GABI-I. That’s MAH-AH-YONG GAH-BEE-E. OK, lesson’s over. 🙂

    Have a greattttt time. You know, just go with the flow and don’t sweat the kinks. Everything’s going to be as smooth as silk. 😉

    1. Winda, you’re right. I was in Osan when I saw this message and in fact we are still here. Everything has not been “smooth as silk”, but it’s still going at this time. If things finally go our way this trip, we will be able to get out this afternoon to California. If not, we will be spending the night here. This is only the 2nd day and I’ve already got 4 or 5 pages of notes because of the many different things that have happen. It will surely be an interesting read, so don’t miss it.
      Thanks for the language lesson. I figured there was something wrong with it, but I didn’t ask first. I wanted to put something better on there for a closer, but I couldn’t think of anything. I’m limited on my Tagalog you know.
      I did get to drink a Dr. Pepper today, I had 2 in fact, along with a club sandwich. If we get stuck here, I’ll find something just as yummy for this evening.

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