May 23, 2024

2 thoughts on “Eduardo’s Diner and Tourist Hotel

  1. I’m wondering about the room rates here, can’t see it in pictures. Thanks

    1. Yes I know it’s very difficult to see. When we get back to the Philippines I will be going back to these hotels and getting any new information. I will pay particular attention to this problem to be sure it doesn’t happen again. I’m actually hoping that they will have better literature the next time, because last time they had nothing.
      Can anyone get a clearer picture and let Jonathan know what that says exactly? I tried from here, but as it got larger it got too burly and the text never got to where you could read it all. I know there is some type of program out there that will help, but my Dad doesn’t have it here and I don’t know the name of it. The rates are pretty typical of the area and maybe even a little lower.
      If I remember correctly the rates here are the 2nd lowest of all the hotels I went to. Joy Palace is the lowest, then Eduardo’s, then I’s Plant (from bottom to top). I hope this is a little helpful Jonathan and maybe someone else will be able to read it for you and let you know.

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