May 27, 2024

18 thoughts on “Downtown Space Talk with Governor Football

  1. He’s actually served three terms in his current office and says that due to term limits that’s all he can serve. I don’t think he has any further political aspirations. He’s in his late 60s and leads a fairly simple lifestyle. He’s well respected and well known in the barangay. He would probably like to keep it that way, lol. Considering the way they treat political adversaries he’s probably wise to do so.

    1. I have a friend in Manila who said he took every bribe he could last election from every candidate that offered. He said he made about P6000 and never even voted. That’s pretty good money for him and he said some of his friends did the same thing. They treat the election like Christmas.

      1. I ‘heard’ that people that got the money and did not vote or voted for someone else sometimes got beat up or killed by the person bribing them. I don’t know if it’s true or not though.

        1. It probably would be a big problem in the province but in the city it’s probably tougher to keep track of someone. I heard the figure P700 from someone who should know (a local politician) in the Calbayog area. He said it’s impossible to get elected without buying the votes. He felt really bad about having to do it but said he had no other choice.

          1. I think if I was as poor as some of these people and needed to feed my family i would do the same.

          2. Well Wayne, as I just told Mark, I don’t think I’d do it unless I had to. Maybe some of these people think they have to. Maybe they are just victims of the system and just take whatever they can, whenever they can. Either way, it’s hurting the Philippines overall.

          3. I guess u r right Mark, but I don’t think I’d take a chance unless I really had to. I’m glad that the politician is at least thinking it’s wrong. I hope when/if he gets in office, he finds a way to change it.

  2. Looks like nepotism is alive and well in Samar. How one family can have so much control over peoples lives is beyond me. I guess Bahala na.

    1. The problem is that these people get elected and I think it’s mostly because the pay people to vote for them. The economy has made people so desperate that they will accept money to vote for people maybe even knowing that person is not the best candidate. You would hope that the young people becoming of voting age would be bold enough to vote someone new into office. Of course the polls could be rigged too. But I wonder if there are other areas that are guilty of nepotism? Probably.

      1. Vote buying has been going on since before Marcos. I can remember my wife being offered P5 (back in 1986 I think) to vote. There should be some provision that prevents entire families from being elected.

        1. P5? That wouldn’t do the trick these days, but I don’t know the going rate for corruption. It would be hard to get a provision like that with all the families already in office. I’m afraid they have already let it get too far out of hand.

          1. I think to many things have gotten to far out of hand to give the poor people a chance to get ahead in life.I believe the rich and the ones in power want to keep it this way.Not al but a big majority do.

          2. I’m afraid you might be right Wayne, but there must be a way to turn things around to balance things out more. I don’t mind people being rich, as long as they got it legal and don’t forget where they came from.

          3. P5 back in 1986 was the equivalent of .25 cents or a Filipino meal. Well worth the effort to the many poor in them days.

          1. I believe that is still about the going rate now Wayne. It sure upsets me when the people take that money though.

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