May 23, 2024

7 thoughts on “DOT Positions Samar Island as Tourist’s Alternative Destination by 2016

  1. It sure sounds like things are looking up for Samar.We were last there alittle over two years ago and reading your posts things have changed alot already,all of this will make it a nicer place to live or visit here.We cant wait until we will return towards the end of this year.

    1. Things have improved quite a bit since I’ve been here (almost a year now) and I expect things to significantly improve within the next year.
      When you come to visit, be sure to stop by and see me. We should be here until about March 2012, but the way things go for me and traveling someplace, you just never know.

      1. I sure will stop by and see you guys.We will save a little room in the bags for you so we can bring you a few things from hte US.

        1. Cool…how about a cooler full of Ball Park hot dogs. Just kidding, doubt those would get through customs. Mostly what we hope for around here is beef jerky, trail mix (w/M & M’s) and corn nuts (any flavor). I’ll be sure to think on it and let you know if we think of something else. I know it’s going to be awhile before you head this way. Thanks for thinking about us.

  2. John,

    I got to travel through Samar on my way to Leyte on my first visit to the Philippines. The infrastructure looked bad with many wash out bridges. I was amazed at watching the buses and vans navigate around the missing bridge. The roads and bridges seemed in much better shape around Leyte.

    1. When was that visit? I remember my first visit here too, back in 2002, it was terrible. Things have improved quite a bit since then, and are still improving. We still only have the one electric company though. The roads are much improved. First time I came it was basically holes with some concrete around them. The roads are now fixed from here in Calbayog and all the way to Southern Leyte.

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