May 27, 2024

9 thoughts on “Day 1 – Calbayog to Catmon

  1. Hi John,Resiel and i are in manila and will be heading back to seattle on the 29th,enjoyed meeting you and lita.sounds like you are having an interesting have alot more patience with that kid than i would.look forward to hear more on your trip.

    1. Well Wayne, it was good do meet you all 3 times. We will actually be probably going to Seattle next month, but only to the airport. I guess you know that from the reading though.
      The trip was eye opening and I can tell you that the next planned trip in late October, will not include me. He was just a little boy, but ….
      I’ll put day 2 in tonight. Read it when you’re ready. I still got those beans you gave me. I thought I’d use them in Tambis, but they are still with me. They’ll be gone by the end of the week though. Maye I’ll have them with some kool-aid.

    1. I should still be under Users, then Profile Rick. I don’t know why it changed, I didn’t do anything with that, that I know of.
      The new site won’t be active for about another week. Let me know if u still have a problem, I’ll see what I can do or you can just wait until the new site is active an see how that one will work.

  2. The trip took almost 8 hours. How many miles or kilometers? The one thing I have learned about driving in the Philippines is you can’t figure on averaging 60mph. There are far too many barangays to drive through that slow you down and the roads are not the best. I probably average only 30mph on the trip to Calbayog or back to San Joaquin.

    As for the horn, yes it is another Filipino thing. I used my horn more in one drive from Calbayog to San Joaquin than I have in the 43+ years I have been driving in the States. Jen does most of the driving now. I decided to count the toots one afternoon. The total was 115 toots from where you make the right turn to go to Catarman or turn left to go to San Joaquin which is probably 15KM. Almost 8 toots per KM.

    1. I don’t know how far it is, but we did stop in Catbalogan for that about 1/2 hour, please we stopped to eat for about an hour too. So take off that about 1 1/2 hours.
      Tambis is in Southern Leyte, below Maasin in the St. Bernard area if you want to figure out the mileage or there about. I think we made pretty good time, except when I had to deal with that kid, then I thought the time was slow.

      1. That’s quite a drive. I figure it to be about 200 miles. I checked a map, 😉 I find those van seats to be a bit lacking on a long trip. Surely driving through those big towns slowed you down. Did he bypass Tacloban? Hopefully that little kid in the van is not a portend of things to come, hehe. Looking forward to your next installment.
        Mark G.

        1. It is quite a ride, but I still would like to drive it myself instead of relying on others to do it for me. Stopping where and when I want is something I like.
          I think I was sleeping during that time because I don’t remember anything about Tacloban. Actually I just asked Lita and she said I was sleeping, but we did go through Tacloban.
          Someone might throw that kid out of a moving vehicle someday. I hope to do a post everyday at least until we leave for Texas. I still think the new site will be up on or about 1 April. I still have some things to do on that too.
          I sure used “I” a lot in this comment response, didn’t “I”?

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