May 23, 2024

2 thoughts on “Cruising Haircut Party

  1. Hey John I have a local Barber which even makes house calls and usually only charges P50 but you have to make appointment a couple of days ahead. The wife will usually give him a P50 tip for coming to the house. He is also the go to guy if you have shoes which you need to have repaired.

    1. We’ve had a guy come by here a couple of times in the past, but not recently. It still ended costing me P100 and I didn’t get the little bit of exercise that I did walking downtown. The only shoes I wear around here are flip flops and Lita has a place she likes to bring those to reinforce them to make them last longer. It works well. I’ve had the same pairs of flip flops for years. I did get a new pair for a birthday present this year, but it was from someone else, we didn’t buy them. Those are better than the ones I usually buy so I wear them for my special outings. Thanks for the info, but I’ll just keep using the barbers downtown and do a little bit of walking while trying to find one that is not so crowded.

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