February 24, 2024

7 thoughts on “Corrupting the Filipino Youth?

  1. There are laws in Philippines about selling smokes and liquor to underage kids. But its like other laws, the cops pick and choose which ones to enforce. If they think they can make extra income they will enforce it. Being a foreigner I would think twice about doing what locals do. Your damned if you do and damned if you don’t, doing business in the Philippines.

    1. What I also meant to say is that even though locals are doing it, it still might be illegal. So if you think it should be against the law then I would go with that and play it safe, or you might be watching yourself on Locked up Abroad.

      1. So now I have 2 other opinions on it and both those opinions clash. I don’t want to end up on Locked Up Abroad though. It probably wouldn’t be that much of a big deal. Nothing I couldn’t settle at the police station, but you never can tell. George do you know where that law is listed. I could look it up, print it and maybe post it on the front of the store. Of course I’ll have to find someplace to print it first, since I still don’t have a printer. I can do it at Mar’s house.

        1. I was reading about it in the on line newspaper. The Mayor of New York gave Manila $25 million to enforce smoking ban in Manila. Must be a born again non smoker.

          1. That’s unusual. I wonder if they applied all the money to the program? I’m sorry but until things get under control around here, I’m going to think that just about ever Filipino politician is on the take.

  2. John you are right you are not going to change a thing.The locals I have been around send their kids to buy beer,smokes and other things and I have not seen one of them smoke. Even if there was a law against it they might not enforce it as they don’t enforce most of the other laws, a lack of police or what ever. In the bigger cities I have seen homeless kids begging and I have bought food or given money to them and asked why they smoke. Almost everyone said they are hungry and it helps, I guess it curbs their hunger when they get a buzz. With the life they have to look forward to,they will face worse things than smoking. I don’t blame them, they do what they have to to get by. Most kids in the US are spoiled,more should go to a third world country and get a real lesson on how the rest of the world lives.

    1. You’re right about American kids being spoiled, but not all of them. I do think it would be a wake up call if more of them got an opportunity to go to a third world country to see how things are, in person. I wonder if there is a foundation that handles things like that? Probably not. Maybe if I win the lottery, I could start one. It’d be a worth while cause and people that otherwise wouldn’t get to travel, would have an opportunity. It’s something to think about all you lottery winners out there.

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