May 23, 2024

2 thoughts on “Cleaning and Rearranging for Efficiency in Progress

  1. UJ, I got a kano friend moving from ?Brgy Carmen to AC for his new job, he will be in town next Sat to start working on clearing his old Apartment out, couple things to think about, he might need some storage space,will sell most things if he can, might need a truck to haul things to AC. I know hehas a nice big refrigerator/freezer. I was thinkingif you 2 can meet up work out what is needed might be benefitial to both, if family has room in warehouse or a truckthatcan be used.

    1. I’ll mention it here, but the only trucks we have are for Pepsi and they are in use most of the time. Doesn’t hurt to bring up the subject though. Thanks Rick.

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