May 25, 2024

2 thoughts on “Chicken Foul

  1. Virtually the same experiences as I have had. Nobody likes the white meat except me (and you and Lita). Sometimes you can get a whole bucket of breasts by asking for it that way, but usually, it’s a hassle and a half. Jollibee Chicken Joy is overall the best I think, but the garlic chicken from Chow King is a very close second. KFC? Who the heck are they? (unless the chain on your motorcycle needs greasing, LoL)

    1. Actually I like the garlic chicken at Chow King better, but lately they only have thighs. If they had a KFC here, I’d go there because their variety is better. I still like the fried chicken Lita cooks better. I guess after 38 1/2 years of marriage, it just goes that way. I expect there to be a KFC here someday, but I couldn’t tell you when. In our extended family, most of them also like the dark meat better. I don’t get it, but to each their own. That makes more white meat for me, so no complaints.

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