February 24, 2024

3 thoughts on “Calbayog Update Hodgepodge – Finale

  1. The new traffic pattern actually caused us to go through a couple of barangays I’d never been through before. Some very nice houses hiding over on that side of town. The second floor of the Centro Mall was going up last time I was over that way. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised by the construction but I was a bit. The second floor was CMU stacked in courses one over the other but I didn’t see a whole lot of rebar going up. They’ll probably be chasing the cracks in that building over it’s lifetime, at least they’ll keep some masons busy, lol.

  2. The center cars at the LTO will be there for a long while, they moved them since trffic over Jasmine bridge is one way for motor vehicles and Rosales bridge is closed to all traffic for about the next 7 months, making Magsaysay a big bus ,truck route now lots traffic heading out our way, i saw a new big Blue building out towards old RFM trike driver said its a new hospital, i never heard about it before,the new boardwalk around Nijaga park riverside seems to be going slowly but should look nice when complete.

    1. Oh is that why it’s so crowded over there?
      I haven’t heard anything about a new hospital in that area either. I haven’t been to that area for awhile though.
      It does look like the boardwalk around Nijaga Park is going pretty slow. If it looks like even close to the pictures I’ve seen of what it’s suppose to look like, it is going to be very nice.

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