May 26, 2024

8 thoughts on “Banking on Baking Book Days

  1. John, we will bank with CitiBank. Our money will be deposited into CitiBank US. We will then open an account with CitiBank Philippines. You can online transfer monies between accounts at no cost.

    1. That would be great Scott. I even thought of that, but there is no Citibank here in Calbayog. If there was, and the 2 can talk to each other, because the Metro Banks here and in Texas can’t, I would do that. I hope they build one here soon.

    1. So you’re from down by the coast in Texas, quite a ways from the Killeen/Temple area in Central Texas.
      How long have you lived in Cebu? We thought about moving there at one time, but opted for the smaller city. I was wonder if you could give me an idea of how the USAA works. I mean do you have your direct deposit going to the US and you just go to any ATM here and your card works? I asked because my check card only really works at Metro Bank and usually that is the longest ATM line in town. I also get charged P200 per transaction here, plus a small percentage from my US bank, none of which I ever get back.
      Well I’d like to thank you again for reading the site and please let me know if you have any suggestions for things to put on here. Also if you have stories that have something to do with the Philippines or Filipinos you’d like to share, just send me the story via e-mail and I’d be happy to post it under your name. E-mail:

  2. Try USAA Federal Savings bank, they reimburse most of the ATM fees up to a certain amount per month. I have never gone over the amount.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Mike and thanks for reading my blog. I actually know where an office for USAA is. I passed one in Killeen over by Killeen Mall. I remember it because I don’t remember seeing it there before and I’ve passed that way 1000’s of times. It must be new. I’ll probably read up on that one and Lloyds TSB, the one that I linked on the post. Whichever one is better for me, I will put that one at the top of my list to join.
      Your e-mail suggests that you are from Texas. If that is so, where in Texas? Have you ever been to the Philippines, married to a Filipina and/or going to be visiting the Philippines soon?
      Well thanks again for reading the blog. I hope it is helpful for you and that you will return often.

  3. John havnt heard much about your car latly are they driving that to Tambis.Have you ever thought of renting it out to visitors coming to Calbyog,to earn some extra cash.

    1. No they are not taking it to Tambis. That big vehicle was a mistake to buy. I wanted to get a smaller truck like we had in Texas, but Lita wanted something bigger to be able to carry more people. I gave in again. Now we are regretting it. When it is paid off in July, or before if we can, we plan to sell it. It just sits in the drive way, hardly ever moves, the tags are expired and there is not even a battery in it. So we are paying for a truck that we rarely use these days. Just when we got the problems on it fixed too. I don’t like it, but I wasn’t the one driving anyway and it’s difficult at times to get someone to drive me when I want to go somewhere. I think when/if we sell it, I’m going to buy a motorcycle, maybe one with a sidecar for Lita.

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