February 26, 2024

11 thoughts on “Banking Mouse in Railroad Box Hotel

  1. They’ve blocked my access to your site from work so I’ll have to use my phone from now on during the daylight hours. Not a big deal but I can hardly wait to here that discussion at my annual salary review, lol.

  2. Mondejares Puertes Resort is probably a couple years old and is located at Saljag Beach, not Majalog. I think it is cleaner than Majalog, and it is definitely closer. Just after you head north from the rotunda in Brgy Lonoy, you will cross the river and go approx .6KM and you will see the sign on the left that points to Mondejares. You will then take that road about 2KM to the resort. At the “Y” you will veer right and it will take you to Saljag Beach and the resort. If you stay straight, or left, you will wind up in the village of Tomaliques (To-ma-league-is) where we are building our house.

    1. When I was researching Mondejares I did find Mondejares Puertes Resort and from what it read it did seem it has been there for awhile. Maybe things just got messed up on the name. Supposedly Malajog is cleaner now, but I’ll try to get more information to see what’s going on exactly. Malajog being so dirty is a major reason why I do not really like going there, so I hope it is cleaner now. I have not been to the other place and didn’t know it existed until I found that place on the internet.

  3. For balikbayan boxes I use LBC mostly. This is my first time with Forex so we’ll see how it goes. I have used Fedex in emergencies but they are too pricey to use on a regular basis. The wife mentioned a typhoon may be delaying our package. Hopefully it will get there before Halloween as there’s a lot of kids stuff and some fishing gear for my inlaws that I’d like to see them get use out of. Your pronounciation is as the Spanish would pronounce it so probably pretty good for the locals as well. Speaking Spanish and English actuzlly makes following along in Tagalog not too bad.

    1. Yes we have had a couple of typhoons in the area lately so it’s possible. Forex delivers here on Samar more than Atlas I think. Atlas told us they only come here 2 or 3 times per month. Did u get them some rod n’ reels? Do they know how to use them? Will they use them?
      I know Spanish and Tagalog are pretty similar, it’s probably right. Being from Texas, I know a lot of Spanish. Actually I know more Spanish than Tagalog, even though I’ve been married to a Filipina for a little over 32 1/2 years now.

      1. I sent some hooks and fishing line along with some weights. I got a very good deal on some flippers I found at a flea market. Really high quality for only $3! The prize though is a Hummingbird fish finder. I’ll have to show them how to use it but it may help them locate bigger fish. I left a nice rod on the island but I’m not sure if anyone is using it. I showed a few of them how to but it’s not really their style.

        1. Flea Market… those are 2 words I still don’t like put together right now. I still have the memories of ours in Texas this last trip. I hope they put the fishing gear to good use and it helps to keep some children from going hungry.

        2. Mark, is it hard to find tackle there? I am bringing my three rods with me and wonder if I should stock up on tackle. :/

          1. Hi Randy,
            I’ve never seen tackle here as you and I are used to. A lot of commercial items but not the typical rod and reel. I imagine you could find it in Manila or Cebu but probably at a premium. Most people here are fishing for food using nets or traps etc. you and I are used to doing it for recreation so our approach is different. I grew up on the east coast and deep sea fishing was a way of life. If I can get my brothers-in-law to realize the really big fish are about 10 to 15 meters down then I think I can help them feed their families better and make a little money on the side. That’s the reason I sent the Hummingbird. They’ll actually be able to see the fish.

      2. John, I think most of the companies mentioned in the article were shippers located outside of the U.S. I think many of them are in the middle east and Europe. My wife is a shipping agent for VGM and her customers have never reported any problems. Years ago, we had problems with Manila Forwarders, mainly with long delivery wait times and the occasional undelivered box. Since Teri hooked up with VGM…no problems since.

        1. I don’t know, but I know that I have never dealt with any of them. I really like that service though, and of course it’s good to have the competition, but getting the boxes to their destination is the ultimate goal, not the price.

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