May 23, 2024

4 thoughts on “Activities to do When You’re Blacked Out – Part 3

    1. Groceries I’m sure of. The dill pickles, well that’s another matter. If I ever do get the dill pickles, then I’d want the Kosher dills, then the pickle hot mix. One step at at time though.

  1. Hi John,
    These are the parts of the city proper I’m most familiar with. I think you covered quite a bit of what’s happening there. I think where that mini mall is going may have been a row of small electronics stores. There was an lawyers office there, too. Gleen is a place I’ve wandered into a few times. We either got our generator there or someplace adjacent to it. Special Occasions (SO) is not bad. I had a pretty decent taco there a while back. Their bakery does a nice job with birthday cakes and party favors. Looking forward to part 4.

    1. Maybe if I go downtown enough and take enough pictures, I’ll be able to remember or at least look back at those pictures to see what ‘use to be there’. I believe there was a store with a lot of generators right next to or maybe a couple of stores down. I know it’s there, I just have paid attention to the exact location. I hear SO is good. Rick told me he liked it and he also says they are good with the cakes.
      Part 4, the end, is done and out there. Time to get started on the next one.

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