May 26, 2024

2 thoughts on “7 Recent Link Adds to the Website – October 2012

  1. You’re awesome John! I hope you are having the best time of your life living in the most beautiful tropical country. Besides, “It’s More Fun in the Philippines!”
    Wouldn’t you say so?

    1. I think I’m pretty awesome too, at times. At least here I can live. In the US I was just getting by and without a job (and no one would hiring me being over 50), I got tired of sponging off the government. I do like it here in the Philippines and I hope to soon be able to have some of this fun that everyone keeps talking about. We are getting closer to being normalized here. I heard it takes 5 years to become totally adjusted to the Philippines from the States. I didn’t believe it, I thought I could do it in no more than 2 years, but I was wrong. It probably will take 5 years, but it will be worth it in the end.
      I hope that people check out your Divalicious site from here, I liked it and maybe they will too.

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