February 24, 2024

7 thoughts on “Not Special, Just Me

  1. I’m not sure what kind of vehicle you were taking. Was it a motorized trike or a center car? You should be able to get an motor trike anywhere in the downtown area for P10 (normal fare) or P20 to Bagacay. If it is up to you as you say, you would wind up paying more than you need to. Who cares about reputation… we should not be expected to pay more than the going rate. I save my pesos – that’s my allowance!

    1. It was just a motorized trike, one waiting outside of the supermarket. When they say special to me, I automatically think of the jeepneys when they ask. You can travel alone in them also, if you pay for all the seats. I don’t take tricycles in the downtown area, I always walk. I only use them when going home, at least most of the time. Sometimes I also walk home.

  2. Glad you got your drain fixed. I find it unusual that the trikes there ask about special I know that is normal it the resort areas with a lot of foreigners but would not expect it in the province. I’ve never been ask that in sorsogon….

    1. It was actually my first time asked here too. Maybe since it was outside of the supermarket they are expecting a lot of customers and want to fill up as much as possible. Maybe next time I’ll just walk down the road and get another trike and won’t have to wait. Although I only waited like 5 minutes. I’ve had to wait longer for a jeepney here to fill and several times for buses in Manila to fill up.

      1. I’ve waited many of times for jeepney to fill problem with that there’s always room for one more. Hahahah
        And in sorsogon if there full inside they climb up and ride on the roof.

        1. I don’t mind waiting, but not for too long. I think about 30 minutes maximum and I’d either find another ride or volunteer to pay for the empty seats. I just don’t like to wait. Of course if the jeepney is full of beautiful women to look at, then I can wait a little longer.

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