April 19, 2024

2 thoughts on “4 and 5 June 2020

  1. John let me jog your memory of some of the Old Westerns I use to watch growing up before Parents decided they was to violent for kids to watch and needed to be taken off of TV. 1 was Wanted Dead or Live with Steve McQueen which he stared in before moving to the big screen. 2 Cheyenne with Clint Walker 3. Maverick with James Garner and there was High Chaparral most can be watched late night on cable channels after the kids are suppose to be in bed.

    1. I remembered Maverick and High Chaparral, but i had forgotten about Wanted Dead or Alive and Cheyenne. I also remembered Bonanza and Big Valley. She’s not interested in Bonanza though. I thought of a few more but they are escaping my mind right now. I’ll look for … Rifleman …I’ll look for Wanted Dead or Alive and Cheyenne today. Thanks.

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