May 26, 2024

2 thoughts on “Wife is Back, Party’s Over, Time to Party

  1. I don’t like the pizza from Greenwich. I have not had a good pizza in Calbayog at all and the worst pizza I ever had in my life was at JC’s in Calbayog. The pizza at I’s Plant isn’t too bad. It’s the only “edible” pizza I have had in Calbayog. I’m hoping that the new pizza places will offer decent pizza. I think the one from Cebu will be good.

    Mongolian BBQ is a great idea if you get your restaurant going. I eat at Hu Hot here at least once a week and when Jen and I are in Angeles City, we stop by at Margarita Station on Thursday or Saturday night for their mongolian. If I remember correctly, Margarita Station charges P175. The meat choices are beef, pork and chicken but you don’t get much. They have a scale set up where they weigh it before putting it in your bowl. After that, you can pile on as many veggies and pineapple as you can stack in the bowl. They have about 8 different sauces that you can choose from before they start cooking it up. I have never been able to finish the meal. We usually take a bunch home with us. The meal comes with a big scoop of rice too that I always mix in with the rest of the food. I can’t eat plain white rice.

    Clover chips are a no-no at our house. I like Nova though.

    1. I haven’t tasted a pizza in Calbayog that I like either. I have not tasted the one at I’s Plant though. The only good pizza I have had in the PI is at Shakey’s.
      I mentioned about the weighing of the meat to Lita and the price. I told her it’s something to think about. We’ve never been to one that weighed the meat first.
      I have not tried Nova, but they must be better than Clover.

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