May 23, 2024

6 thoughts on “20 Questions with Ceazar Khan

  1. I liked this post to John,I also used to enjoy watching,Kids say the dardest things.They had a article in the local newspaper asking seven year olds questions about thankgiving some funny answers.

    1. Well stayed tuned because we have plenty of kids around here. Most of them are old enough to have the interview with and pretty soon, some of the younger ones will also be ready. Of course I will be able to start over each year to see how the answers change year to year. I hope it turns into one of the most popular posts because I sure enjoy asking them those questions.

    1. I am a bit fascinated by it too Mark. That’s probably why I liked “Kids Say the Darndest Things” so much. I’m glad I did the interview because I learned some things about him too. I’m wondering how much it will change by the time his birthday rolls around next year. I’m looking forward to interviewing the other children now. I believe Raven is the next one in line, his birthday is December 7th. There could be one before then that I am unaware of at this time though.

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